Third party risk management

Automate Insurer Compliance with Triplicity

12th Nov 2020

ACCELERATED THIRD PARTY RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS WITH TRIPLICITY With Lee Bristow, Chief Technology Officer for Phinity Risk Solutions There are significant oversight obligations placed on insurers to have the necessary resources and ability to comply. We support a major player in the insurance industry, as they embark on an initiative to obtain compliance maturity and […]

The Importance of Cybersecurity and Third Party Risk Management for Your Business

18th Feb 2020

Ensuring that your business is not only up-to-date when it comes to its technology platforms, but also airtight from a security perspective is paramount in the modern era. Cyber security has burgeoned into a massive industry with layered intricacies, but there are basic practices to follow in order to maintain your security integrity and third […]

Third Party Risk Management Conference

5th Aug 2019

Phinity Risk Solutions, in partnership with Mobius, will be speaking at the first Third Party Risk Management Conference in South Africa. Come and join us as we share our gained insights into managing third-party risks. We will provide our view on how best to approach this complex process and how to get the best results. […]

Who Cares About Third Party Risk Management?

5th Aug 2019

Your board of directors, the group risk officer, and those responsible for information privacy governance. And anyone within a multinational organisation involved in manufacturing, retail, education and financial services. In your organisation, can you honestly answer yes to the following? Are all your third-party risks being considered in the organisation’s overall approach to enterprise risk […]

Third Party Risk Management Software for the Financial Sector

5th Aug 2019

Regulators the world over are now holding financial institutions responsible for the actions of their third parties — thanks largely to the 2008 financial crisis and several high-profile attacks that leveraged third parties’ information security weaknesses. As a result, the financial services sector now requires strong third party risk management. The governance, compliance and regulatory […]

Third Party Risk Management Silver Lining is Industry Self-Regulation

5th Aug 2019

In today’s business environment it’s impossible to find a company that doesn’t contract with a third-party vendor to provide services. However, the convenience, flexibility and opportunities of outsourcing to third parties comes with significant risks. The risks vary from industry to industry, the common threats being regulatory and the impact of a potential third-party vendor […]


5th Aug 2019

Background to current privacy challenges Organisations that collect and process personal information are faced with increasing Privacy compliance challenges, especially where their operations span multiple geographic regions. This, paired with a growing reliance on external service providers to support core business operations, creates complex Privacy compliance challenges. Some Privacy models are more comprehensive than others, […]

ISACA Max Blecher Innovation Award Winner: Triplicity

12th Jul 2019

Congratulations to Patrick Ryan, the Managing Director of Mobius Services (Pty) Ltd & Phinity Risk Solutions, for winning the award. Under Patrick’s direction, Mobius developed a Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) methodology in 2015, to assist clients in managing their third party risks. Previously, in assisting several organisations to implement their own programmes, Patrick had […]