The essential risk register that streamlines and innovates your risk management processes


Empower your executive leadership teams with Noviculum, the ultimate decision support solution. Leveraging off of Phinity’s data-driven technology, Noviculum is a smarter choice for creating efficiencies in identifying, managing and tracking your risks to remediation.

Noviculum's structured approach allows you to align to your preferred risks standard. Its central risk register, customised assessment, workflow capabilities and built-in analytics provides decision support to the executive team.


As the fifth solution on the Phinity platform, Noviculum provides your organisation with a central risk register to conduct assessments, analyse results and then determine the best course of action. 

Run your online risk workshops with visual dashboards, define risk ownership, drive responsibility and accountability all from a single risk management ecosystem.

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    Business enablement

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    Operational efficiencies

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    Vote approach on identified risks

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    Align risks to strategic objectives

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    Align strategic risks to operational and tactical risks

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    Engage business, executive and board stakeholders

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    Workflow, automation and risk scoring

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    Set your risk thresholds


Noviculum Workflow

Noviculum Workflow

Manage your identified risks using Noviculum’s sophisticated risk register.

Gain insight into the different risks through a collaborative online risk workshop. 

Risks are calculated in real-time, based on your strategic, tactical and operational business objectives.

Noviculum provides effective decision-making support. 

Build resilience into your business by tracking your highest risk items with practical tasks. 

Attain peace of mind knowing that your risks are all being managed. 

Identify, Manage And Track Your Risks To Remediation

Develop a powerful risk management ecosystem with Noviculum's centralised dashboard. This versatile tool will fast track your risk maturity while providing decision support and in-depth insights into your business.