Change introduces risk that can be effectively
managed and mitigated with the correct processes


With Expedient you can have a central record of each project, the history,
evidence and the risk rating of each milestone step completed, ensuring
a continuous view of the current deliverable, the assigned user and
identified risks is an essential tool in any business.


Only Expedient by Phinity solutions provides a single ecosystem that ensures that quality and risk management is built into key project milestones providing a fully automated solution for true peace of mind in each project.

  • ProcencusBusiness enablement
  • ProcensusOperational efficiencies
  • ProcensusDecreased costs
  • ProcensusImproved risk posture
  • Reduced audit times
  • Effective change management
  • Centralised project process

Expedient Workflow

The Expedient workflow is defined and customised to your specific project’s needs, through
and intuitive project wizard. Each completed task triggers an assessment as well as a
workflow notification to the next stakeholder that they are required to action the next critical
project step. Each completed assessment tracks the ongoing residual.

Identify, Assess, Report, Remediate And Monitor All Project Risks

We believe in a quantitative and qualitative approach, with prescribed workflows that automate project risk assurance. We cut complexity with approval proccesses that track and audit all risk, providing the oversight required to operate and manage critical projects throughout their lifecycle.